Our Story

Hey! My name is Jackie, and this is my rescue dog Django, and we are so happy that you took the time to visit us today!


I rescued Django from Israel in 2016. He was found squished in a cage with multiple other dogs, with minimal foods and water, and no medical care. A rescue called Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary brought all of the dogs l back to Canada to find forever homes. That's where I came in. As a dog trainer I specifically wanted a dog that was a little bit rougher than the others, an "un-adoptable" some would say. Teaching Django to mind his manners has been a bumpy ride for sure, but he's finally gotten to the point that he can strut into a dog park and make at least one friend.

As you'll soon notice, I'm one of those people who brings their dog everywhere...I actually mean everywhere...I'm all about living my life WITH my dog, instead of living it while he hangs out at home on the couch. Django and I started this blog to help motivated people to live a dog-friendly life, and to show the world that rescues are just as loveable and heart-felt as the other dogs out there.

Join us on the journey!



Jackie & Django