DIY Dog Popsicle Recipe (Easy & Healthy!)

Canada is known for its chilly temperatures and overly polite population. So, when the temperature reached 89.5 degrees F this summer, we were completely beside ourselves and were practically unable to function. This past week a heat wave rolled into Toronto and decided to take up residency, and my dog, Django, did not handle it very well. Unable to function myself, I've been spending my time trying to come up with creative ways to cool the dogs (and myself) down.

That's when I decided to make some healthy dog popsicles for the pups to munch on.

I love this recipe because it is SO EASY. It only takes a few minutes to throw together the mixture, and then as they're freezing you can take the dogs to the dog park to get a little exercise in. Not only is it easy, but it's human-friendly as well, so you can enjoy these popsicles too!


You will need:

Ice cube tray

Blender or food processor

Natural peanut butter

Plain yogurt (non-fat)


Frozen fruit (optional)




1. In a food processor combine peanut butter, yogurt, and frozen yogurt

2. Slowly add water to the mixture until it has the desired consistency (aim for a similar consistency to yogurt)

3. Pour the mixture into the empty ice cube tray

4. Place the tray into the freezer and allow to freeze until hardened

5. Enjoy!

NOTE: Keep the popsicles stored in the freezer and allow your dog to enjoy on hot days

NOTE: These popsicles do not meet all of the nutritional requirements for a well-rounded diet and should not be used in place of your dog's normal food