How to Organize Paperwork for Your Dog Walking Business

Before beginning any dog walk it's important to have all of your information in order. When it comes to dogs, there are a number of things that could go wrong, so being prepared is the key to any successful dog walking business. 

In addition to first meeting any new dog that's interested in joining my pack, I also like to record information so that I have it for my files. Below is a template for the form I bring with me when I'm meeting a dog for the first time. I will spend some time filling this form out with the client before beginning our first walk.

Feel free to use this template and alter it as you need to for your business.

❀General Information

Dog’s Name:





How long have you had the dog?

Where did the dog come from?

[  ] Breeder      [ ] Rescue   [ ] Internet   [ ] From a Friend   [ ] Other


❀Vet Info

Vet Clinic:

Telephone Number:

Primary Veterinarian:

Medication (if any):

Past Medical Issues of Concern:


❀Home Info


[  ] Key        [ ] KeyPad *Code=      [ ] Concierge [ ] Alarm *Code=

Owner’s Name:

Phone Number:



Emergency Contact Name:

Phone Number:


Would you like to receive updates? And what is your preferred method?

[  ] Text     [ ] Email    [ ] Social Media



Desired Services:

[  ] Walks      [ ] Sitting    [ ] Training *Additional form for training


For Walks:

Please list desired time frame:

[   ] 9am-11:30am       [ ] 11:30am-2:30pm      [ ] 2:30pm-5pm

Has your dog ever been on a group walk with multiple dogs before?

When interacting with other dogs, would you describe your dog as:

[  ] Dominant     [ ] Submissive     [ ] Social Butterfly     [ ] Too Cool for School

If your dog able to go into the off-leash dog park?

Does your dog come when called?

[  ] Always      [ ] Sometimes      [ ] We’re working on it...



For Sitting:

Dog food brand:

When time(s) does your dog eat?

The quantity of food:

Is your dog allowed treats?

What is your dog’s current exercise routine? (walks, playtime, backyard, training, etc)




❀General Temperament

Has your dog ever been around other dogs? How did it react?

Has your dog ever been around children? How did it react?

How does your dog react when cars go by on the street? Bikes? Skateboards?

Has your dog ever bitten a human? A dog?

How does your dog react when a stranger comes into the home?

Does your dog like to chase squirrels?


As your business grows you may find that there is some information missing from this form that you find useful. Feel free to expand on this form, and let me know what you've added!